End of Life: Last Chance to Upgrade for FlexiSIGN 10.5 and Older Users

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End of Life: Last Chance to Upgrade for FlexiSIGN 10.5 and Older Users

This message recently sent from SAI is important for all FlexiSIGN users! PLEASE….Let’s keep this civil! I’m just sharing this as a service to Flexi users, if you want to complain, contact your reseller or SAI directly! Call 800-229-9066 or email info@ThinkSAi.com.

SAI WROTE: “In the world of technology, everything eventually becomes outdated and obsolete. This is true for hardware, as well as, software. For example, Betamax was replaced by VHS, which was replaced by DVDs, then Blu-Ray, then streaming, etc. PC operating systems have gone from Windows 98 to XP, to 7, Vista, 8, 8.1 and now Windows 10. Along the path of progress, related devices must be updated, upgraded, or discarded. Sign making software is no exception. As the digital infrastructure gets upgraded, support for old software, such as Flexi 10.5 and older just goes away. It’s time to move on. It’s time to upgrade your old Flexi software and keep your business moving forward.
There’s a simple solution. You can choose to upgrade your Flexi 10.5 and older license to the new cloud-based version which is Flexi 12 or Flexi Subscription ( I WROTE: http://learnflexi.com/get-flexi-subscription/).

SAI WROTE: Act Now and Save – Offer Good Until June 30, 2018 Upgrade to Flexi 12 Traditional License for 25% off Or Get a Flexi Subscription for Only $49.95/month. Upgrade paths and technical support for Flexi 10.5 and older will end on June 30, 2018. After this date, you will need to purchase a completely new software package. Don’t get left behind, upgrade now.

Contact your local dealer or call our sales department to get your Flexi Upgrade. Call 800-229-9066 or email info@ThinkSAi.com”

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