23 Professional Graphics Professionals Complete a FlexiLIVE Training Seminar

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23 Graphics Professionals Born on July 22, 2016

SignWarehouseWe are happy to announce that 23 graphics professionals just completed a full day of training on Flexi SIGN & Print in Dallas Texas sponsored by www.signwarehouse.com.

What they learned & said….

This was not just a boring lecture on features! These professionals learned all aspects of Flexi and color management. They saw how to match their monitor to their wide format printer! Here are just a few comments:

“I came to the class expecting to learn a few things about color management, but ended up learning  things I never knew Flexi was capable of. Very excited to put it into practice.” – Fisher Sports & Signs

“My second time to attend and did not regret it.Nice for a refresher and to reinforce what I learned the first time.” – Intercountry Communications

“Mark Rugen is a real world, hands on instructor that helps save time and that saves money!” – Fisher Sports & Signs

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