24 New Graphics Professionals Born in Atlanta GA at GTS!

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24 New Graphics Professionals Born in Atlanta GA at #GTS! http://www.graphicsolutions.biz/ 

We had an awesome FlexiLIVE training class in Atlanta GA sponsored by #GTS. Sorry we had to turn away 8 more but we will be back soon. Students learned how to match their monitor to their wide format printer output!  Why didn’t you go??? No problem we will be back and in many other locations through out the USA.

Here is what two studetns had to say:

“I would reommend this training to anyone using Flexi!! Even if I had a user manual I would attend this class.” – Elite Printing & Marketing Inc.

“Mark’s information is appliciable to everyday jobs even for an experinced user. With 20 years industry eperince I learned several simple improvements that will more than justify the investment of the training clasd.” – Matkk Matthews

Find out more at http://www.learnflexi.com

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