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Graphic Tracer – The Easy Way to Trace and Find Fonts

GraphicTracer Getting scanned or imported logos into shape can be a hassle. Most people working with graphics agree that poor quality, low-res images will result in unprofessional finished products no matter which tracing program you use. For many, the only option to get good looking graphics was to redraw everything manually. Graphic Tracer can restore graphics in minutes and make them look perfect! Want a free demo copy to play with? Want to save money on your purchase? This software sells for $120 but if you use the link from this email it’s only $99 and you can still get […]


Webinar – Repeat Reliably with PM Job Presets (December 11, 2018)



Has MUTOH Gone Crazy?

December Wide Format Printer Blowout Sale MUTOH just launched a crazy “blowout sale” on wide format printers. Some of these prices are crazy good and you should check them out. The sale will only last until December 31, so check them out soon or you could miss out on some great savings on a large format printer! Besides some great savings on the actual printer, they are also including inks and other goodies, like extended warranties! And don’t forget those great tax advantages if you buy before years end! New MUTOH National Training & Education Tour Rumor has it […]


A 200-year-old guide to color, redesigned for the internet age

A 200-year-old guide to color, redesigned for the internet age Centuries after naturalists used it to define the colors they saw in the natural world, Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours is back. [Image: courtesy Nicholas Rougeux] BY KELSEY CAMPBELL-DOLLAGHAN2 MINUTE READ The nomenclature of colors we use today is really a machine language–numerical hex codes crafted to communicate with software on computers and printers. Before the age of CMYK and RBG, though, artists and scientists created their own languages for talking about and categorizing color. Though many have fallen into obscurity, at least one is now accessible to anyone with access to the internet: Werner’s Nomenclature […]


SAi Flexi Software for Mutoh Printers

Flexi-Certified instructor Mark Rugen guides you through 10 steps to improve your color prints using SAi Flexi software and Mutoh printers. source


Print and Cut with a MUTOH Printer and Flexi

This video will walk you through the process of producing a Print & Cut job with your MUTOH printer and Flexi. Topics that will be covered include: Creating a Print Job Adding a Contour Cut Line Adding a Perf Cut Line Setting the Speeds and Pressures for the Cuts Sending the File to Production Manager source


How to Setup and Use a MUTOH ValueJet Wide-format Inkjet Printer with FlexiSIGN & PRINT

How to quickly start printing with your MUTOH ValueJet wide-format inkjet printer with FlexiSIGN & PRINT. Getting started with Flexi Production Manager for the First Time, Adding a Printer, Finding & Downloading Printer ICC Media Profiles Create a Test File and Set Up Color Management Send a Test Print source


Overview of FlexiSIGN & PRINT Production Manager for MUTOH ValueJet and ValueCut Users

See why FlexiSIGN & PRINT Production Manager is the easiest way to send jobs to your MUTOH inkjet printer or cutter from any design software. Tour Production Manager with an in-depth look at the settings and features to create the perfect wide-format inkjet output. source


How to move a Flexi license to a new computer

How to move your Flexi license from one computer to another, using License Manager. source


How to import Production Manager Presets

How to import job presets into Flexi Production Manager source


Find Images As Easy As You Find Fonts

Are there other versions of this image? Okay, so you find an image but it’s kind of small and your wondering if there is another higher resolution version, but you don’t know where to look. You could spend hours trying to hunt down the original website and see if there are hints there, or you could use a website called TinyEye. TinEye to the Rescue TinEye tracks where your image appears online. It is very easy to use. Just go to Using TinEye, you can search by image or perform what we call a reverse image search. You can do that by […]


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