Dr. Flexi to Demo New FlexiSign & Print Features at ISA 2017

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Dr. Flexi will demo New FlexiSIGN & PRINT Features at ISA 2017

Dr. Flexi, Mark Rugen with Givemehelp.com, will demonstrate new Flexi SIGN & Print features at this years ISA show in booth 4375 for SA International, the makers of FlexiSIGN.

New features you say?

Here are just SOME of the highlights, but you really need to go to the show to see them all!


How about support for engravers!

Ok, get those table top engravers working!

Use all the design features that you’ve come to know and love and then add tool paths. Use the advanced features for all those little needs like Tangential entry and exits, finishing passes and more!

You’ll find all the familiar fill profiles, Island, Hatch and more AND you’ll get features missing in other software for these devices.

After you set your paths and tools, use the arrange menu and cut order to preview BEFORE you actually engrave to make sure you get all those corners and other hard to engrave locations!

Ain’t that’s right I said AIN’T nothing better!

Create your own Registration Marks for Contour Cutting

Now you can use built in registration marks, or draw a rectangle and convert it to registration marks or even use the page, artboard and set registration marks. This will give you complete control when using Flexi ( and you SHOULD be using Flexi) or when exporting to harder to sue RIP software. (LOL!)

Getting the picture, yes pun intended!

Flexi is the name of this product….meaning Flexible!

Use the best workflow, Flexi for design and Production Manager for output or choose a less efficient method and use your own RIP software. I know some of you are just tied to ONYX, or VersaWorks, ok brothers and sisters, go for it!

Just kidding, don’t get mad at me. All I’m saying is Flexi lets you do it all!

And There is More!

Yep lots more! I have not even talked about improvements in Production Manager! Sorry you’ll have to go to the show or wait for the video!

I’ll be in booth 4375 waiting to hear from you!



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