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Some of Us Like to Read!

In a world filled with video, social media and more, some of us still like to read. We still like a hard copy manual handy that we can put notes in and refer to when we need it. I’m happy to say that GIVEMEHELP has developed a great reference for all FlexiSIGN & Print users. Our new manual is 247 pages and cover, in detail, every feature of FlexiSIGN. This is FlexiSIGN training at its best!

All New FlexiSIGN Training Manual

This new FlexiSIGN manual is great for new and advanced users. It’s taken us months to create and we want you to have your own personal copy. Use the link below to order and get even more detail. This great reference is spiral bound and once you have it, it will no doubt provide help for years to come!

This is not a print of the help file, it is an accumulation of my 30 years of experience in the sign and print business along with my unique knowledge of the FlexiSIGN program. That means you will not only get a great way to learn FlexiSIGN, but also lots of extras like great free Adobe plugins that work and enhance Flexi along with real world examples of using the features.

Order your copy today!

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Our live events are great for those who want to ask questions and get answers from the words foremost expert in FlexiSIGN & Print Mark Rugen. Mark’s training courses are both educational and entertaining. His methods of teaching are simple to understand making it easy to remember. Mark has taught thousands of Flexi users and we hope that you will take advantage of one of his unique learning events.
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