ISA Show a Hugh Success for FlexiSIGN Users

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The recent 2017 International Sign Association, ISA was a huge success for FlexiSIGN users!

Mutoh Training ClassWhy? Well, SA International, the makers of FlexiSIGN demonstrated the new features of an upcoming update to Flexi 12 and the new options for engraving, sending files directly to VersaWorks or ONYX rips as well as new options for contour cutting were revealed through live demonstrations by Mark Rugen, FlexiSIGN expert.

If you did not make it to this years ISA show, you can watch a few videos that were recorded live through Facebook! Watch it here: 

You’ll find that there were demonstration of new Flexi features by the world exert Mark Rugen as well as other SAI staff members. In addition, demonstration for SPIKE and Color Logic were shown that allow for even more integration of third party tools and features with Flexi.

New MyFlexi App released at ISA 2017

One of the cool new tools from SAi is the MYFLEXI app for smartphones. Now you can do quotes right from your phone as well as access the recently updated knowledge base for help with Flexi and even watch some YouTube video for training no matter where you happen to be. Yep, bedtime stuff to learn and then sleep.

There is even a scanner for reading QR codes! This new addition will no doubt change as SAI continues to listen to all of your comments on needs.

That said, tell them what you want! No really, I mean it. Keep on sending emails and making phone calls to them and let them know what you want this software to become. They really are listening. How do I know? I had dinner with the CEO of the company and he told me so!

Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that SA International and Flexi continues to develop new and innovative features and YOU, the users of FlexiSIGN are the beneficiaries. In fact, YOU are driving the new development, so stay tuned Flexi users, there is much much more to come!

In the mean time, how about attending one of our FlexiLIVE events where we will teach you how to take full advantage of those features. For more info visit our registration page.

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