No more chips. No more cartridges.

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No more chips. No more cartridges.

August 21 2017

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Home office and wide-format printer owners can now refill.

30 Years Verdict Finally Arrives.

May 30, 2017, in the Supreme Court of the United States, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, together with 7 Associate Justices, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Samuel Alito, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan hold that printer makers give up their patent rights upon the first sale of product, domestically or overseas.

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Chief Justice John G. Roberts: “Take a shop that restores and sells used cars. The business works because the shop can rest assured that, so long as those bringing in the cars own them, the shop is free to repair and resell those vehicles. That smooth flow of commerce would sputter if companies that make the thousands of parts that go into a vehicle could keep their patent rights after the first sale. Those companies might, for instance, restrict resale rights and sue the shop owner for patent infringement. And even if they refrained from imposing such restrictions, the very threat of patent liability would force the shop to invest in efforts to protect itself from hidden lawsuits. Either way, extending the patent rights beyond the first sale would clog the channels of commerce, with little benefit from the extra control that the patentees retain. And advances in technology, along with increasingly complex supply chains, magnify the problem.”

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Printer owners are now free to refill without fear.

These are 2 activities to prepare your business.

1. Find nearby independent technicians who will now be free to list printheads and spare-parts prices on the internet in the open market, and provide installation and maintenance services.  There are many technicians starting up small businesses today.

2. Find real ink makers.  I mean the real ink factories.  You will find the best prices in bottles.

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