Open Photoshop files WITHOUT Photoshop!

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Don’t have Photoshop but still need to view PSD files? Try one of these viewers that not only let you see the PSD file but save it as other formats to be used in other software. Open Photoshop files WITHOUT Photoshop!

PSD Viewer

PSD Viewer

PSD Viewer is a free a simple tool that allows you to view .PSD, .AI, and .EPS files, with the added basic ability of file type conversion. You can resize the file and then save it back out as a JPG, PNG, BMP, GIf or TIF. There’s various panning, rotating and zooming options to view the file. The PSD support seems to be fairly good and can display multi-layered files although you can’t look at the individual layers. PSD Viewer works on XP and above and requires .NET Framework 3.

Download PSD Viewer

PNG PSD Viewer

PNG PSD Viewer

This tool is quite similar to the PNG Viewer above although it’s designed to handle viewing both PNG and PSD files, with the ability to save them out as a JPG file. There is more of focus on viewing multiple files with the help of a slideshow in PNG PSD Viewer, and you can choose from 10 transition effects and set the preferred duration of each slide with zoom and rotate buttons available. Viewing support for PSD seems to be very good and it displayed all of our multi-layer images perfectly.

Download Wenovo PNG PSD Viewer

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