Problem Steps Recorder Is An Amazing Troubleshooting Tool

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Problem Steps Recorder Is An Amazing Troubleshooting Tool Submitted by rob.schifreen | Last update on 12th August, 2017 – 9:51pm We’ve all been there. A friend calls up, saying that they’re having a problem with their computer. Every time they open a particular document file, the computer hangs. As the troubleshooter on the other end of the phone, you probably start with the 2 basic questions. Firstly, “what precisely were you doing when the computer hung?”. Secondly, “what did the problem actually look like?”. The user will, of course, provide 2 perfectly sensible answers. But they will both be wrong. […]

Stop Searching and Find Your Sign Element!

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Stop Worrying Whether Your Design Element is Legal Ever needed a sign design element and spent tons of time searching the internet and then wondering if the image or element is legal???? Stop worrying, SIGNELEMENT has hundreds of thousands of design element, vehicle templates, patterns everything you would ever need in one place! Click this link to check it out and get 10 downloads for FREE!!!! is the world’s only specialist provider of images, vector illustrations, vehicle outlines, vehicle wraps and metallic ready files for the sign industry. Based in London, Ingram Image Ltd and its brands have direct […]

Last Chance for Flexi Training

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Last Chance for Flexi Training on the Queen Mary! Folks this is the very last chance to sign up for FlexiSIGN & Print training on the Queen Mary. We do have a few seats, but they will go first come first serve. Give yourself the gift of knowledge and become a Flexi expert! All graduates will become eligible for membership in the Flexi Graduates Facebook page where we continue to educate and give lots of free stuff for the sign and print shop! WHile we are not associated with the NBM Sign show that weekend, it IS a great opportunity […]

Last Chance for FlexiSIGN Training on the Queen Mary July 21!

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Okay folks, this is your last chance for FlexiSIGN training on the Queen Mary July 21. Our class is just days away and we still have a bit a room, but time is running out! Sign up now at for a full day of FlexiSIGN training! We will not have another FlexiSIGN training class in California for a while, so now is the time to go and by the way, this is the same weekend of the NBM Sign show in Long Beach, so while we are not affiliated with the NBM show, you may also want to make […]

SheepDog – Off-screen Window Manager

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Ever had DesignCentral or other windows positioned off screen and cant seem to access them to move them back on screen? Here is the solution and its Free! Introduction SheepDog is a free utility for repositioning off-screen windows. What can SheepDog do for me? SheepDog is useful whenever you have an application or window that you can’t access because it is located off your visible screen. Offscreen windows can occur in a variety of situations, including: Switching between monitors on a laptop Multiple-screen setup How does SheepDog work? SheepDog runs in the Windows system tray and can be activated in […]

Everybody Should Heed Einstein’s Advice on Learning

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Success Monday: Everybody Should Heed Einstein’s Advice on Learning June 30, 2017 Who doesn’t want to get better at what they do? To take an OK talent for something up to that next level, or even acquire a brand new skill? Freelance writer Jessica Stillman, writing in, says the advice Albert Einstein once gave to his young son could benefit us all. “Geniuses might be distinguished by their ability to grasp incredible complexity, but that doesn’t mean if you somehow managed to corner one the greatest minds in history for a chat you’d be perplexed by what they had […]

Join the FlexiSIGN Graduates Team

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Join the FlexiSIGN Graduate Team The only way to become a graduate is to take the course! Become a FlexiSIGN graduate team member in the next 30 days by attending one of the seminar below. You’ll never regret this investment! Don’t wait though because most seminar sell out! Here are the next few locations for FlexiSIGN training: July 21, 2017 Long Beach, CA on the Queen Mary sponsoed by DENCO, GraphixDirect and MUTOH! July 24,25, 2017 Dallas, TX Sponsored by Reece Supply July 27,28 2017 San Antonio, TX Sponsored by Reece Supply July 30-Aug 1 2017 Indianapolis, IN Sponsored by […]

Calling All FlexiSIGN Training Graduates

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FlexiSIGN Training Graduates Needed! We are calling all FlexiSIGN training graduates! We have set up a FaceBook group just for you. We want all graduates to become part of this closed group. Enjoy association with other FlexiSIGN graduates. We want all of you to exchange information, help one another and more. In addition, members of this Facebook group will get special opportunities to save on future training materials as well as classes. And we are expanding our offerings right now to include a Color Management Secrets class, as well as wrap classes and more! So, if you have taken a […]