21 Tools Every Sign & Print Shop MUST Have!

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21 Tools Every Sign and Print Shop MUST Have

This image doesn’t make sense, but our paper will!

21 Tools Every Sign & Print Shop MUST Have!

I recently was asked to do a presentation for a large and successful organization of sign and print shops on the topic of tools that could save them time in design and production. I have accumulated many tools over my 30 years in the business and recently discovered others that are essential to faster and better design. I want to share these with you now. Believe me the cost of the paper is well worth it because you’ll be saving hours of design time.

What’s included?

  • Find out how to remove complex backgrounds in seconds.
    • Literally seconds! I can take any photo and remove that parts I don’t want in a very simple fashion.
  • See how to eliminate unwanted parts of an image.
    • Need to remove a fire hydrant, a few people , anything that distracts from the main subject? Here ya go!
  • We will explain how to enlarge an image many times without loss in image quality.
    • I’ll show you how to take a 5×7 inch image and enlarge it to 10 feet without loss in quality.
  • Need to trace or vectorize a poor, low resolution image, we’ve got the right program for you.
    • Trace a ow resolution color image into a perfect vector with ease.
  • Identify and find any font on your computer or online in seconds.
    • Seriously, seconds!
  • Find out where to download hundreds of monitor profiles for better soft proofing prints.
    • Finally see what you’ll get before you print!

These are just a few of the 21 essential tools that we show you in our 32 page document. (IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD AFTER PAYMENT)


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