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We are conducting a nationwide tour to teach as many users as possible to use all the great features of Flexi Sign& Print. Our one or two day FlexiLIVE & Color Management Seminars are packed full of tips and trick as well as practical applications that you will use in your shop as soon as you return. (Scroll down for locations and dates)

NEW in 2017!

In 2017 we are adding a new series of FlexiLIVE & Color Management Seminars called “Color Management Secrets”! In this seminar we will have a SMALL class and it involved not just a lecture but even some hands on activities. We will show you how to properly test and setup the Flexi RIP for your printer. We will demonstrate what RIP and Printer adjustments may be needed for better color. We will have you participate in building an ICC profile for the printer on hand as well as show you how to adjust existing ICC profiles. Finally, we will work with several vector and bitmap images to teach you the best way to print and get great color.

Here is just a sampling of what you will learn:

This is not a boring PowerPoint session, rather it is a learning session with the latest version of Flexi! We not only teach but show you real shop examples! This seminar is great for ANY version of Flexi and ANY level of user. Hundreds of former students will tell you, this is the best training you will ever have!

  • Understand how to use smart objects when designing and why.
  • See how to layout text for greater message impact.
  • Vectorize low resolution artwork and then enlarge to any size you need.
  • Match your monitor colors to your print.
  • See how we convert a 5×7 100ppi image to a 10 FT clear image for printing.
  • Find out how to add contour cut lines with ease.
  • Learn how to print from ANY software right to Production Manager.
  • Find out more about how to use the cloud features of Flexi.
  • Understand how to handle import and export issues.
  • Setup Flexi so you can print right from Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel and more.
  • Add grommet hole makers, fold lines and bleeds to your banners.
  • Send your work to a customer for comments or approval using the Artwork Approval tool.
  • Nest contour cut jobs.
  • When to use Production Manager rather than Flexi.
  • Add effective Adobe PS Plugins into Flexi.
  • See how to create beveled letters and other effects with Flexi.

This is a no nonsense seminar built around using Flexi in your shop! Great for any version of Flexi but also wonderful for designers who use Adobe Products or other design software!

What Others Are Saying About FlexiLIVE & Color Management Seminars

“Mark truly understands the program from the inside out. He explains efficiently the strengths of the program along with its limitations.” Jeff Fredwich – SIGNARAMA Willow Grove

“Learned a lot that I thought I already knew.” Akhay Putri – Avery Dennison

“Best software training class I have EVER attended!” – Adrienne Latiolias, AWA Printing

“Mark explains things in an easy to understand way for beginners!” Josh Munn, Munn Enterprises, Inc.

“The class was great! I came in not really knowing anything about Flexi, but after the class, I now feel confident in my abilities to use the program to make high quality product.” Melanie Cooley, Magnolia Decal & Graphics

“Great training course! Any new to advanced users should attend.” Jeremy Carter, Munn Enterprises

“Mark is the best instructor for Flexi!” – Mark Bourg, A+ Signs

Seating is Limited! Sign Up Now!

Most of our classes sell out soon after we go LIVE, so it’s important that you sign up today! Pick a City Below and Sign Up.

NOTE: All registration fees are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, we will send you our Flexi Training DVD.






January 20, 2017San Antonio, TXGivemehelpOne Day Flexi SeminarAwesome Class!

10 Attended.

March 24-25Atlanta, GACS SupplyFlexi and Color Management30 Attended
March 31Rockville, MDWalker SupplyOne Day Flexi Seminar22 Attended
April 6,7Redmond, WAUSCUTTERFlexi TWO daysDetails
April 27,28Memphis, TNUSCUTTERFlexi TWO days12 Attended
May 5Rogers, MNSigns Pus BannersOne Day Flexi30 Attended
May 17Chicago, ILMUTOHOne Day Flexi SeminarSOLD OUT!
 May 18Chicago, ILMUTOHColor Management SecretsSOLD OUT!
May 22Grand Rapids, MIGMH/AdvantageOne Day Flexi Seminar15 Attended!
May 25-26Ft Lauderdale, FLSA InternationalTWO Day Flexi Summit12 Attended
 June 7Alpharetta, GAMUTOHOne Day Flexi Seminar13 Attednded!
 June 8Alpharetta, GAMUTOHColor Management Secrets10 Attended
June 15-16Wharton, NJGRSTWO Day Flexi Seminar15 Attended!
July 21Long Beach, CAGivemehelp/MUTOHOne day Flexi Seminar on the Queen Mary!

FlexiLIVE & Color Management Seminars


July 24-25Dallas, TXREECE SUPPLYTWO Day Flexi SeminarDetails Here


to sign up.

July 27-28San Antonio, TXREECE SUPPLYTwo Day Flexi Seminar Details Here


to sign up.

July 31- August 1Indianapolis, INIBOW

signup at

This is a two day seminar with focus on vehicle wraps. ONYX, Flexi and Adobe will be used and its both design and installation training!FlexiSIGN & IBOW
 August 2Boston, MAMUTOHOne Day Flexi SeminarStarting to fill up better hurry

August 3Boston, MAMUTOHColor management Secrets

November 8Torrance, CAMUTOHOne Day Flexi Seminar

November 9Torrance, CAMUTOHColor Management Secrets

December 8Phoenix, AZMUTOHOne Day Flexi Seminar

 December 9Phoenix, AZMUTOHColor management Secrets