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We are happy to announce the all new Flexi 12 training DVD! You can now get this new DVD by itself, loaded with over 10 hours of video training or as an upgrade for those who already have the Flexi 11 training DVD!

Get the Flexi training DVD with over 10 hours if video training! Limited Time Offer- Expires Sept 30,2016

Get the Flexi 12 UPGRADE training DVD for just $49 special intro price. If you already own the Flexi 11 training dvd and just want training on Flexi 12!

Everyone who has purchased this DVD tells me that it’s the best training they ever had! Won’t you join the thousands of satisfied customers?

This DVD is packed with topics based on our live training seminars! It’s just like attending a live training session on Flexi!

This is the all new Flexi 11 &12 training DVD! – LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Watch an abbreviated demo if you like: http://www.givemehelp.com/flexisigncloudtrainingdvd.htm

What if you were able to gain all the benefits our recognized industry Flexi training classes have to offer without having to ever leave your home or office? Our new Flexi 12 with Cloud Training keeps you ahead of the game by helping you learn what you want, when you want it!

ALL NEW FLEXI 12 Training! All the features of our Flexi 11 DVD but with new Flexi 12 features added!

We are bringing the power of Flexi Training right to your fingertips! If you are unable to sacrifice valuable office time to get the Flexi software knowledge you so desperately need, then the Flexi Training DVD featuring Mark Rugen is the perfect alternative for you. You get convenient instructions at your own pace on basic topics such as Setting Preferences to advance topics like Rendering Intents & Contour Cutting. With more than 70 lessons and quizzes of covered materials, this jam-packed training has all the features you’d expect from the most trusted name in print and sign making software.

The training sessions are broken down into several sections:

  • Introduction (6 videos)

  • Fundamentals (23 videos)

  • Intermediate (10 videos)

  • Advanced (17 videos)

  • Production Manager Topics (3 videos)

  • Color Management Topics (6 videos)

  • Third-Party Programs (4 videos)

  • Bonus Topics (6 videos)

A partial list of lessons available include:

  • Text Basics

  • Outlines & Shadows

  • Importing

  • Scanning, Bitmaps

  • Bitmap Tracing

  • Vinyl Cutting

  • Printing

  • Contour Cutting

  • Lenses

  • Vehicle Wraps

  • And much more!

Our Flexi 12 with Cloud Training offers a simplified approach to cutting edge technology.

Mark Rugen has over 20 years of experience in the graphics and sign business. He is one of the few SAi certified Flexi Trainers in the world. He has authored and produced interactive training for resellers, SAi inside sales staff, and end users. He has conducted training sessions worldwide and to date has trained well over 6,000 students.

The Flexi Training DVD is available for Windows only.

If you want the best training available and just cannot get to one of my live sessions, you’ll love this computer based training! We discuss each feature of Flexi in a style that is easy to understand. We go over contour cutting, matching monitor to print, vectorizing or tracing low resolution images, handling and enlarging low resolution bitmaps, text layout, using Adobe plugins for design, and more. We also spend lots of time on Production manager. Did you know you could use Production manager with Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel and other programs? We will show you how.

Great for new or experienced Flexi users!

While this DVD is specifically designed for Flexi Cloud (Flexi 12) users, the principles are great for Flexi 11 users as well. However, if you own Flexi 8 or 10, please take a look at the Flexi 10 training DVD we offer as well.


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