Remove backgrounds from photos automatically for free

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Last updated by rhiannon on 19. December 2018 – 20:48 Remove Image Background is a free web service that does an excellent job of removing backgrounds from images. Removing backgrounds isn’t easy, but this site handles it easily with no manual selection of foreground/background layers. The site is relatively new and it only works with photos of people. You can upload images of any size, but the resulting image is limited to 500×500 px for now. The results are still impressive with the photos I’ve tested, though it seems to have some issues with hats. The site uses ” …AI technology to […]

A 200-year-old guide to color, redesigned for the internet age

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A 200-year-old guide to color, redesigned for the internet age Centuries after naturalists used it to define the colors they saw in the natural world, Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours is back. [Image: courtesy Nicholas Rougeux] BY KELSEY CAMPBELL-DOLLAGHAN2 MINUTE READ The nomenclature of colors we use today is really a machine language–numerical hex codes crafted to communicate with software on computers and printers. Before the age of CMYK and RBG, though, artists and scientists created their own languages for talking about and categorizing color. Though many have fallen into obscurity, at least one is now accessible to anyone with access to the internet: Werner’s Nomenclature […]

10 Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

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Adobe Photoshop is the most progressive picture supervisor there is, fit for everything from basic correcting, to complex 3D plans and outlines. The conceivable outcomes are huge as it has numerous elements and instruments, and luckily, there are additionally numerous instructional exercises if you need to figure out how to utilize it. The quantity of devices in Adobe Photoshop is overpowering, yet with some practice, the outcomes are astonishing. Your innovativeness just restricts conforming shading levels, alpha channels, and veils, aesthetic channels, textures– the potential consequences. Besides, Photoshop incorporates an essential video editorial manager that is coordinated with all the […]

Design a Vehicle Wrap in FlexiSIGN & Print

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Designing a vehicle wrap in FlexiSIGN & Print can be done in numerous ways. Lots of experienced FlexiSIGN & Print users have got their methods. Most noteworthy is Anthony Perez, founder of is a master at using FlexiSIGN for some awesome designs. Here is a sample of his work and be sure to visit his site for some great fills, designs and more. Vehicle Wrap in FlexiSIGN & Print This is just one of many videos produced by Anthony using FlexiSIGN & Print. How about you? How would YOU design a vehicle wrap in FlexiSIGN? How about showing us YOUR way of […]

Create Awesome Visual Effects in FlexiSIGN & Photoshop

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Filter Forge is a high-end plugin for Adobe Photoshop that gives you the power to create your own filters without any programming knowledge at all. Filters include seamless textures, visual effects, distortions, patterns, backgrounds, frames, and more. Key Features The key features of Filter Forge include the filter editor and a free online library of user-created filters. You can access the library directly from the user interface of Filter Forge. Currently, the library contains more than 12,000 filters. All filters are adjustable, resolution-independent, support real-world HDRI lighting, and most of them can be seamlessly tiled. Also, filters can automatically generate […]

Graphic Tracer – The Easy Way to Trace and Find Fonts

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GraphicTracer Getting scanned or imported logos into shape can be a hassle. Most people working with graphics agree that poor quality, low-res images will result in unprofessional finished products no matter which tracing program you use. For many, the only option to get good looking graphics was to redraw everything manually. Graphic Tracer can restore graphics in minutes and make them look perfect! Want a free demo copy to play with? Want to save money on your purchase? This software sells for $120 but if you use the link from this email it’s only $99 and you can still get […]

Stop Searching and Find Your Sign Element!

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Stop Worrying Whether Your Design Element is Legal Ever needed a sign design element and spent tons of time searching the internet and then wondering if the image or element is legal???? Stop worrying, SIGNELEMENT has hundreds of thousands of design element, vehicle templates, patterns everything you would ever need in one place! Click this link to check it out and get 10 downloads for FREE!!!! is the world’s only specialist provider of images, vector illustrations, vehicle outlines, vehicle wraps and metallic ready files for the sign industry. Based in London, Ingram Image Ltd and its brands have direct […]

How about some FlexiSIGN training on the Queen Mary?

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FlexiLIVE Tour comes to the Queen Mary on July 21 2017 will host a FlexiLIVE Tour event on the QueenMary. Seating is limited, so if you are going to attend, you should sign up right now! Sign up before June 25 and get $25 off! Use Coupon Code JUNE25QM This is not a boring PowerPoint session, rather it is a learning session with the latest version of Flexi! We not only teach but show you real shop examples! This seminar is great for ANY version of Flexi and ANY level of user. Hundreds of former students will tell you, […]

Flexi User Gets Hit by Ransomware

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Dont think ransomware is a problem? I don’t know how it happened, but a Texas sign shop got hit. watch this video! Just last weekend 200,000 computers in 150 countries were hit in a global cyber attack. Experts in East Texas said ransomware is already here, and it’s time to take precaution. A mother and small business owner in mount pleasant said she thought it was a joke, until she lost everything. “I had no idea what ransomware was,” business owner Carla Martin said. Martin is the owner of Sign Express in Mount Pleasant. She’s been designing artwork for more […]

What is Soft Proofing & Why Does It Matter in Wide Format Printing?

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What is Soft Proofing & Why Does It Matter in Wide Format Printing? Everyone wants to match what they see on the monitor with the output from a wide format printer. Sadly, few accomplish this. Part of a well-managed color system is the ability to soft proof, or change the monitor colors display so they reflect printer output. Let’s learn a little more about this and maybe teach you how to do it properly. Step 1: Calibrate and Profile Your Monitor The very first start is to make sure your monitor is telling you the truth about color. Sure it’s […]