Problem Steps Recorder Is An Amazing Troubleshooting Tool

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Problem Steps Recorder Is An Amazing Troubleshooting Tool Submitted by rob.schifreen | Last update on 12th August, 2017 – 9:51pm We’ve all been there. A friend calls up, saying that they’re having a problem with their computer. Every time they open a particular document file, the computer hangs. As the troubleshooter on the other end of the phone, you probably start with the 2 basic questions. Firstly, “what precisely were you doing when the computer hung?”. Secondly, “what did the problem actually look like?”. The user will, of course, provide 2 perfectly sensible answers. But they will both be wrong. […]

SheepDog – Off-screen Window Manager

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Ever had DesignCentral or other windows positioned off screen and cant seem to access them to move them back on screen? Here is the solution and its Free! Introduction SheepDog is a free utility for repositioning off-screen windows. What can SheepDog do for me? SheepDog is useful whenever you have an application or window that you can’t access because it is located off your visible screen. Offscreen windows can occur in a variety of situations, including: Switching between monitors on a laptop Multiple-screen setup How does SheepDog work? SheepDog runs in the Windows system tray and can be activated in […]

Are You Using Flexi with Older Windows System? RANSOMWARE!!!

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Still using an older version of Flexi on something other than windows 10? You may be a target of a new ransomware called WannaCry. Protect yourself now!!! Steps on how to avoid Ransomware 1. Backup your computer immediately Investing in an external hard drive and making regular backups will help you in protecting your data, if not in saving you against malware.A data backup can save you from significant stress, time and money in the event when your computer becomes infected. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a cloud backup service and upload your most important data regularly. Free cloud services […]