A unique FlexiSIGN Idea for 2017

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Here’s an idea for all FlexiSIGN users! Did you know that you can now make bar codes and QR codes in Flexi? NO? Why not come to one of our classes and learn, you could come up with the next great idea as seen below. Don’t think they used Flexi but they should have!

You Can Now See Whats Inside Your Amazon Box Without Opening It


Thanks to Amazon, Christmas shopping has gotten a lot easier in recent years. The only downside is the barrage of unmarked brown boxes that you have to discreetly haul to your closet, tear open and close back up to keep prying eyes away until the 25th.

But wait! Amazon just released a new feature on their IOS app (no word yet on when it will be available for Android) that eliminates the hassle.

All you need to do is open up the app on your phone and use the new “Package X-Ray” button to take a photo of the barcode on the shipping label. It’ll then pull up images of what’s inside that specific box—from the Elmo book for your kid to the knife sharpener for your hubby.

Just be sure to change your Amazon password if you’ve got particularly nosy children. Or fill your shopping cart with coal if you really want to teach them a lesson.

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