Design a Vehicle Wrap in FlexiSIGN & Print

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White Car Crash in Blue Wall Signature PaintingDesigning a vehicle wrap in FlexiSIGN & Print can be done in numerous ways. Lots of experienced FlexiSIGN & Print users have got their methods. Most noteworthy is Anthony Perez, founder of is a master at using FlexiSIGN for some awesome designs. Here is a sample of his work and be sure to visit his site for some great fills, designs and more.

Vehicle Wrap in FlexiSIGN & Print

This is just one of many videos produced by Anthony using FlexiSIGN & Print.

How about you? How would YOU design a vehicle wrap in FlexiSIGN?

How about showing us YOUR way of designing wraps in FlexiSIGN & Print? I’m sure everyone would love to see your techniques.


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